YouTube Sensation Zach Evans Aims to Help People Heal Through Music

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Zach Evans, a 28-year-old YouTube sensation and Piano University founder, is on a mission to help people heal through music. His personal experience with loneliness and depression drives this aspiration.

In 2009, Evans committed to the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with plans to study mathematics and participate in track and field. Unfortunately, during his Freshman year, Evans injured his foot.

“I kept trying to come back from it,” Evans explains. “I would rehab it, be good for a week, then it would start hurting again.”

His sense of purpose declined without sports, an activity he took part in since he was 5 years old.

He admits, “I had an adamant time making friends, was lonely, and depressed.”

Being in a new environment without many friends was difficult, but Evans eventually found music. His grandfather started teaching him piano in kindergarten, but sports replaced music throughout much of his childhood. In college, he decided to return to the piano to occupy his time and ended up “falling in love” with it.

Before switching his college major from mathematics to music, Evans taught himself piano through YouTube videos. He polished his piano skills at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, learning classical technique from Dr Eli Kalman, a world-renowned pianist.

Not everyone is in a position to study music at the collegiate level, though. During a particularly difficult period in Evans’s life, music helped him heal, and he wants to help other people heal in the same way. He learned through YouTube, so why not make it easier for others to do what he did? In an effort to do just that, he created his Become a Piano Superhuman YouTube channel, which is currently over 100,000 subscribers.

From the best piano chord progressions for beginners to piano speed learning, Evans teaches anyone at home with free time and an internet connection how to play piano. For people searching for more formal piano education, Evans created Piano University, an online environment with both free and premium content to help students achieve success in learning the piano.

In September, Evans was thrilled to find out that his course helped 49-year-old Andrea recover from a traumatic brain injury resulting from a horrific car accident. She used his online course to learn to play the piano in under a year despite her setback!

Responding to that situation, Evans said, “She said ‘your course helped me rehabilitate myself and get me back on track.’ I was like, Woah, that’s not one of the things you expect when creating a piano course.”

It is scenarios like Andrea’s that remind Evans how important it is to offer free and affordable music lessons. Even after earning over $1,000,000 and signing with Debra Lopez Public Relations, Evans’s YouTube channel and beginner course at Piano University remain free. His premium content is far cheaper than most private piano teachers, as well.

How many more Andreas is there that haven’t shared their stories? How many more will there be in the future? Whatever the number, it is higher because of Zach Evans.

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