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White Label Service Google Stadia Also Stopped

White Label Service Google Stadia Also Stopped

The relaunch of Google Stadia’s game streaming service as a cloud product also seems to have failed.

When Google pulled the plug on Stadia in September last year, it promised that the service would have a second life within Google Cloud. The technology would be sold to third parties as an ‘Immersive Stream for Games’.

In practice, this white label service allows companies to offer games without users having to buy heavy hardware. But that service would now also be closed, write tech sites Axios and Ars Technica.

Stadia was Google’s technologically advanced foray into game streaming. The system was available in Belgium for three years and allowed users to play games that were run on Google’s servers and streamed to their (often not so heavy) laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet. However, the large-scale adoption of the system never materialized, and Google indicated last year that the future lay with white-label partnerships.

Or not. Ars Technica reports that known partners of Immersive Stream for Games have shut down their games and that the service is not alive anymore. An example is the free version of Batman Arkham Knight, which US telecom giant AT&T subscribers could play online. Meanwhile, the link to the service points to GeForce Now’s streaming service. Other examples, such as a live stream demo of Resident Evil Village, no longer exist.

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