WhatsApp is Postponing the Introduction of New Conditions

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After a week of intense criticism, WhatsApp has announced that it is delaying introducing its new terms of use by three months.


WhatsApp users were notified in early January that they had to approve the app’s new privacy policy before February 8 to keep their account. The new policy stated, among other things, that WhatsApp would better integrate with parent company Facebook and the social network of the same name, including around the payment service Facebook Pay.

This data sharing does not apply in Europe as it violates our privacy laws. Elsewhere in the world, phone numbers of users, IP address and device data can be shared with Facebook.

The update, including mandatory approval, was not well received and accompanied by a surge in Signal downloads. This competing app prides itself on the security and privacy of its users.

In its blog post, WhatsApp emphasizes that messages will remain encrypted and that the service will not see them, let alone share them with Facebook.

The blog does not mention the sharing of telephone numbers and device data. Besides, the app gives users a more extended deadline to approve the new terms of use. Those who have not yet done so will have until May 15.

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