US Warns Europe of Possible Russian Invasion of Eastern Ukraine

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The United States warns the European Union of a possible invasion by Russia in neighbouring eastern Ukraine. Washington is closely monitoring the increase in the number of Russian soldiers near the Ukrainian border. Tensions between the two countries are running high.


According to the Pentagon, Russia is again concentrating troops along the border with Ukraine. Social media and satellite images show that Moscow has transferred large quantities of tanks, armoured personnel carriers, heavy artillery and other equipment to the border area. It is reminiscent of the Russian invasion of 2014 when Moscow annexed the Crimean peninsula as part of the Russo-Ukrainian War.

In early November, the Ukrainian government said Russia had more than 80,000 troops deployed in the border area. Russia dismissed those reports as “fake news.” The situation in the area is very tense after a recent Ukrainian drone strike on positions of pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

American officers have warned their European colleagues of a possible military operation from Russia. The US forecasts are based on information Washington has not yet shared with European governments. However, that would have to happen before a decision can be made on a collective response to the Russian threat.

Russia claims that military operations on its own territory are a domestic matter and denies that there are any violent plans. On the other hand, Moscow accuses the US of provocation by recently sailing military ships in the Black Sea, close to Russian territory.

Similar tensions arose in April last year when the US and NATO accused Russia of rallying as many as 100,000 troops, tanks and warplanes near the border with Ukraine. The crisis ended when US President Joe Biden met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at a conference in June.

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