US President Donald Trump Continues to Tackle China

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US President Donald Trump continues to crack down on China and Chinese companies in the final weeks of his presidency.


According to experts from Bloomberg news agency, he wants to combat illegal fishing, among other things. It also concerns actions against senior officers and institutions within the Communist Party that cause damage in Hong Kong or the western region of Xinjiang.

With new restrictions, Trump would want to protect American technology against use by the Chinese military or by companies controlled by the military.

It has already been said that Trump will continue to deal with Chinese companies that he sees as a threat to the US. He signed a decree last week prohibiting US companies and investors from investing in Chinese companies owned or controlled by the country’s military.

China is increasingly turning to American capital for the modernization of its army and intelligence services, according to the president, who wants to put a stop to this.

The Trump administration set a deadline in December to appoint banks and impose sanctions on deals with officials undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy.

The US government is also reportedly investigating whether restrictions can be imposed on the payment platforms of the Chinese tech company Tencent and the Chinese payment company Ant Group.

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