US Government Service Must Recognize Biden’s Election Victory

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The US government’s General Services Administration (GSA) must recognize Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory, said a member of Biden’s transition team.


Staff member Biden argues that legal action against the GSA is being considered if it does not recognize Democratic election victory.

Emily Murphy, an official, appointed by President Donald Trump who heads the GSA, is still refusing to recognize Biden’s election victory, leaving the transition team denied access to federal resources.

The federal agency usually recognizes the election results as soon as they are clear. The current arrangement of the GSA is therefore unusual.

Biden’s transition team must prepare to take over government responsibility. The General Services Administration (GSA), which also deals with federal real estate, plays a vital role in this.

That service should give the election winner’s team access to things like office space, equipment and money to pay salaries. This involves millions of dollars.

Although there is a consensus within the US media and even among some Republicans that Biden won the election, President Trump and some of his party members continue to insist that fraud has taken place, without any evidence. Trump has announced that he will legally challenge the result.

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