US Does Not Yet Commit to Britain About Free Trade Agreement

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US President Joe Biden has not yet made any commitments to a free trade agreement with the UK. Biden said the issue was only discussed during a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, visiting the White House.


Since Brexit, the British have made every effort to conclude trade agreements with various countries, including the United States’ economic superpower. But, according to 10 Downing Street, reaching an agreement with the US is still the number one priority.

An agreement could stimulate trade between the countries through, for example, lower taxes and import duties. Unlike under the American ex-President Donald Trump, the negotiations are not very fast.

Biden said the deal is still under discussion. “We’ll have to work that out,” Biden said as he stood next to Johnson in response to a question about a deal that Britain, in particular, has been pushing for. Due to the wait-and-see attitude of the Americans, according to the BBC in London, consideration would also be given to joining an existing North American trade agreement between Mexico, the US and Canada.

The two heads of government discussed the issue of Northern Ireland in addition to a trade agreement. Biden said he “wouldn’t like to see the Irish accords change at all”. However, he emphasized that the trade agreement and the Irish question are “two different topics”.

Last week, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi linked respecting the Northern Ireland peace deal, which provides for an open border with Ireland, to potential trade negotiations with London. The UK government is currently engaged in post-Brexit negotiations with the EU on customs arrangements for Northern Ireland.

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