UNHCR: More Than 5 Million Ukrainians Have Fled Abroad

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More than 5 million Ukrainians have fled their country since the Russian attack on February 24. UN refugee agency UNHCR reports that there are 5,012,708.


Within Ukraine itself, more than 7 million people are displaced.

On Friday, it was announced that more than 5 million people had left Ukraine, including nearly 215,000 people of other nationalities. There are now more than 217,000, according to figures from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Most of the more than 5 million Ukrainians who fled have gone to Poland. However, some of them travelled from there to other countries in Europe. The neighbouring countries of Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia have also received hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. More than 90 percent of the refugee flow consists of women and children.

In the meantime, Ukrainians are also returning, whether or not for a temporary visit. The United Nations estimates that there are an average of about 30,000 a day. On Monday, 14,400 people crossed the border from Poland to Ukraine, bringing the total number of returnees via Poland since the start of the war to 738,000.

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