Ukrainian Soldier Kills Five Colleagues in Space Company

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A soldier of the Ukrainian National Guard has opened fire on his colleagues in an aerospace company. Five people were killed and five injured. The Ministry of the Interior announced this on Thursday.


The soldier opened fire with his service weapon, a Kalashnikov. He then fled. A special operation was launched to find the gunman, and Ukrainian police have since arrested him, the interior minister said on Facebook.

The incident took place during the night from Wednesday to Thursday at a company in central Ukraine that produces space rockets as well as regular rockets.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry said the motives for the shooting are not yet clear.

Shootings within military units in the former Soviet Union are often more frequent due to hazing rituals, which have long been one of the worst problems in those countries, especially in Russia, even though the situation has improved in recent years.

The sometimes very violent initiation rituals are regularly the cause of suicides and murders.

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