Trump Warns Iran After A Missile Attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad

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US President Donald Trump warned Iran on Wednesday, saying he holds the country responsible for any future attacks on Americans in Iraq.


The warning came after the US embassy in Baghdad was bombarded with missiles on Sunday. This resulted in damage but no deaths or injuries.

“Multiple missiles hit our embassy in Baghdad on Sunday,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Guess where they came from IRAN,” he added advice to Iran: if one American is killed, I will hold Iran accountable.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has already pointed the finger at Tehran. In the region, leaders of US forces said the attack was “almost certainly carried out by an Iranian-backed militia.”

At the beginning of this year, tensions between the US and Iran ran too high after the Americans killed the high-ranking general of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Qassem Soleimani in a missile attack.

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