Trump Loses Case Halting Ballot Count in Philadelphia

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US President Donald Trump’s campaign team has failed to obtain a court order for voting to be stopped in the predominantly Democratic city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


The Republicans did not want the counting to resume until Republican observers are on the scene.

The letter votes now being counted in Philadelphia could turn Democrat Joe Biden’s backlog on Trump in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania into a head start. A win for Biden, Pennsylvania, earns him enough electoral votes for president.

Trump’s campaign team had filed a lawsuit on Thursday. It claimed the Philadelphia Electoral Council “knowingly violates state law” by not allowing observers from the Trump campaign and the Republican Party. After the judge’s ruling, officials from the City of Philadelphia insisted that the claim made by Trump’s campaign team is false.

During the hearing, a lawyer from Trump’s campaign team admitted that on Thursday afternoon at least 19 Republican observers were monitoring the postal vote count in Philadelphia.

Earlier in the day, a Pennsylvania state court ruled that observers are allowed to stand up to 2 meters away from the vote counters for observation. The city of Philadelphia wants to appeal against that decision to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

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