Trump has Answered all the Questions from the Special Prosecutor

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American President Donald Trump has answered all questions from special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is leading the investigation into Russian interference during the US presidential elections in 2016. That’s what Trump said on Friday.


“I have answered them easily,” said Trump. “You must always be careful when you answer questions from people with bad intentions.”

The American president also emphasised that it was not “tough questions” and that he, and not his lawyers, prepared the answers. “I have not submitted them yet. As you know, I have been swamped. “

Trump has already called the Russia investigation a witch hunt several times and has also repeatedly said that there is no ground for accusations of Russian interference. In doing so, he goes against the statements of the American intelligence services, who have already said that Russia has influenced the polls.

Friday Trump repeated that there was no cooperation between his campaign team and Russia. “The research should never have taken place. We have wasted millions and millions of dollars. “

Barely a day after the midterms, President Trump sacked his Justice Minister, Jeff Sessions. This raised doubts about the future of Mueller’s research. The White House, however, insured last week that the Russia investigation will not be stopped.

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