Trump Expects ‘Russian Support To Democrats’ Because Of His Attitude

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Trump Expects ‘Russian Support to Democrats’ Because of his Attitude. US President Donald Trump says he fears that Russia will try to support the Democrats in the forthcoming US elections,¬†Because of his stubborn attitude towards Russia.


Based on the fact that no President has tackled Russia harder than I do, they will do their utmost for the Democrats; they surely do not want Trump, the president wrote on Twitter.

Trump refers to the criticism he gets for his attitude towards Russia, which grew after the summit with the Russian president Putin in Helsinki.

Trump has emphasised several times that he has not been helped and now implies on Twitter,

with or without sarcasm, that the Russians are going to help the Democrats because according to the president they do not take such a flat course against Russia as he does.

The American intelligence services believe that Russia has tried to influence the presidential election in 2016 in favour of Trump.

Last week, Trump at the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin did not believe in Russian interference.

When he got the question of whether he assumes his intelligence services or Putin, he avoided the question.

“Coats (American chief of intelligence ed.) Came to me and said he thinks it’s Russia, Putin says it’s not Russia, I notice no possible reason to consider that it would be Russia.”

This statement came to Trump’s criticism. A day later Trump completely retracted his words.

He stated that he wanted to say something else, namely: “I see no reason to believe that Russia would not be.”

Later in the week, Trump once again contradicted his intelligence services by denying that the US is still the target of Russia.

A Trump spokesman then stated that the president did not say ‘no’ to the subject of whether the US is yet a target of Russia, but of journalists’ request to ask questions.

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller is currently investigating whether people in the Trump campaign have planned with Moscow.

That research hangs like a dark cloud over the presidency of Trump.

The president has repeated that there was no collusion between his team and the Kremlin.

He also repeatedly called the prosecutor Mueller’s inquiry a “witch-hunt”.

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