Trump Confidant Sued Again in Capitol Storming Investigation

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Roger Stone, a former adviser and longtime friend of ex-President Donald Trump, is being subpoenaed. He must provide witnesses and documents in the investigation into the storming of the Capitol early this year.


The US House of Representatives panel investigating the January 6 storming of the Capitol has subpoenaed five more people on Monday. Stone and Alex Jones are well-known conspiracy theorists and the founder of the infamous conspiracy site InfoWars.

Stone informed the press in an official statement that he had not yet seen the subpoena and also said that on January 6 of this year, he was unaware that the Capitol would be stormed that day. Jones has not yet responded.

According to the panel, both Stone and Jones were involved in organizing and preparing the march leading up to the storming. Therefore, they have to present witnesses and documents. Earlier this month, six former top advisers to the former president were also subpoenaed.

The panel also called on Dustin Stockton to testify. Stockton is a political activist who is believed to have connections to Steve Bannon, also a former Trump adviser. Bannon himself had been subpoenaed before but refused to testify before a parliamentary committee earlier this month. Justice, therefore, charged him with contempt for parliament. Bannon turned himself into the FBI National Bureau of Investigation last week. He could face up to a year in prison.

Jennifer Lynn Lawrence – Stockton’s fianc√©, not the well-known Hollywood actress – and a Trump spokesperson have also been asked to testify.

With the storming, Trump supporters wanted to avoid confirming Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. Nearly 700 Capitol stormers have already been charged for the attack. Justice wants to know if there was a link between the White House and the Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol.

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