Trump Accuses Biden of Hiring Russian Millions

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US President Donald Trump accuses his Democratic challenger Joe Biden of accepting $ 3.5 million in Russian donations. Trump accused in the second part of the latest election debate, in which the second segment dealt with national security.


When asked what Biden would do to prevent other countries, including Russia and Iran, from influencing the US elections, he said any country guilty of this would pay the price. “Trump did not say anything about it to Putin,” Biden referred to Russia’s interference in Trump’s favour during the 2016 election. “I don’t know why.”

The Democratic candidate also stressed that Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is being used as a puppet by the Russians, according to security sources. “But nothing is happening,” said Biden. He also accused Trump of not objecting to Russia about the bounties allegedly paid to the Taliban to kill US soldiers and accused Trump of destabilizing NATO.

Trump then bounced back the ball with the baseless accusation that Biden would have received $ 3.5 million from Russia.

“No one is harder on Russia than Donald Trump,” said the president. He echoed corruption allegations recently made to Biden’s son Hunter in an article by the right-wing tabloid The New York Post. “You owe the American people a statement,” Trump said.

Biden stated that he did not take a penny from Russia and that his son did nothing wrong either. “Trump, meanwhile, does business in China. I’ve released all my tax statements. He’s nothing. What are you hiding?” Biden retorted.

Despite many personal accusations, the second segment of the debate was also orderly compared to the first.

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