Trade Envoy Trump Calls on Biden: Maintain Import Duties on China

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US trade envoy Robert Lighthizer calls on US President-elect Joe Biden to maintain import tariffs on Chinese products.


Furthermore, according to Lighthizer, Biden must ensure that world trade organization WTO gets less power and it must become more difficult for American companies to establish themselves abroad, he says in a farewell interview in the Wall Street Journal.

According to Lighthizer, the Trump administration’s crackdown on China has made American workers better off. According to him, previous governments were always afraid to anger Beijing.

“We have changed the way people think about China. We want a China policy that considers the geopolitical competition between the United States and a rival, an economic rival.”

President Biden’s economic team shares many of Lighthizer’s views, but advisers to Trump’s successor point out that the Chinese government has failed to enforce long-term reforms.

For example, the American requirements for less state aid for Chinese industry and better protection of the trade secrets of American companies have not yet been met.

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