Three Fox News Anchors Texted Trump Chief of Staff During Capitol Storming

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Three prominent Fox News anchors sent text messages to President Trump’s chief of staff to take the situation seriously during the storming of the Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6. The messages were read last night during the committee on the incidents in the US House of Representatives.


The longer the competent House Committee of Inquiry looks into the role Mark Meadows played in the storming of the Capitol, the worse things start to look for President Donald Trump’s former chief of staff. The seven Democrats and two Republicans on the committee voted unanimously last night (our time) to prosecute for contempt of parliament for refusing to testify or fully cooperate. Now the entire House of Representatives must vote on that eventual prosecution.

Before the Commission of Inquiry issued the recommendation to prosecute, Meadows’ role in the assault had been demonstrated even more painfully than was already the case. For example, it became clear that three prominent news anchors from the conservative news channel Fox News Meadows had sent text messages. In it, they asked him to convince President Trump to take the situation seriously and do everything he can to stop them.

Republican Representative Liz Cheney read the text messages aloud during the session. “Mark, the president should ask the people in the Capitol to go home. This is damaging to all of us. He is destroying his legacy,” Laura Ingraham, host of the evening show The Ingraham Angle, had sent to Meadows that day.

Her colleague Brian Kilmeade, who runs the morning show, replied: “Please, get him on TV. He destroys everything you have accomplished.” A similar message in a text message from Sean Hannity, also a prominent news anchor and Trump supporter. “Can he make a statement? And ask the people to leave the Capitol?”

Remarkably, the three presenters on Fox News themselves were much less critical after the storming. Instead, they expressed their doubts about how the elections went – the motivation of the stormers – and said it was unlikely that the police would not be able to push back the demonstrators. Unfortunately, Fox News has not yet responded to those revelations.

The parliament committee announced Monday that Meadows had written in an email the day before the attack on the Capitol that the National Guard would be standing by to protect pro-Trump protesters. According to the committee, the email was one of the matters about which it had wanted to question him.

In addition, a text message surfaced from Meadows, in which he sent “I love it” in response to a PowerPoint presentation about possible ways to challenge Joe Biden’s upcoming presidency. The presentation’s creator previously testified in The Washington Post that he had discussed it with Meadows several times.

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