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Three Downed Objects Over US and Canada are Harmless Says White House

The three unidentified objects shot down from the sky last week by the United States over their country, and Canada is said to be harmless, unlike the “Chinese spy balloon”. So says the White House.

The three items have not yet been recovered, but the United States suspects they had commercial or research purposes.

In late January, a strange object was spotted over US skies. On Saturday, February 4, it was shot off the coast of South Carolina. According to the United States, it is a giant balloon that served as a spy tool for China. Much of the object was fished out of the Atlantic Ocean and is now being investigated by the FBI.

In the following days, the United States shot down three other objects over their own country and Canada. According to US correspondent Bj√∂rn Soenens, everyone panicked after the first balloon. “Everyone is looking at those radars, and it’s becoming an obsession. We’re now in a tense situation where every object is considered suspicious.”

The only thing the White House would say about the three balloons so far was that they had nothing to do with extraterrestrial activity and posed no danger to the American people. Meanwhile, the White House is letting loose more.

The first object downed was a balloon; the wildest theories are circulating about the others.

According to US intelligence, they could be “simply connected to commercial or research establishments and therefore innocuous”. However, Kirby notes that no company, organization or government has yet laid claim to the objects.

“It will be difficult to determine the target or origin until the debris has been found and analyzed,” Kirby added. So far, nothing has been found of the three downed objects.

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