Theresa May Appoints New Minister after Faithful Dismissal of Rudd

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Theresa May Appoints New Minister after Faithful Dismissal of Rudd. The British Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed Sajid Javid as the new Minister of Home Affairs on Monday morning. He succeeds Amber Rudd, who stepped on Sunday evening after a scandal around the immigration policy, reported by MAG Mania.


Javid (48) was until recently the Minister of Local Government. Before his political career, he had a director’s position at Deutsche Bank.

Amber Rudd became discredited last weekend in an affair with targets for forced evictions of migrants. She had stated last week in the Home Affairs committee in the British House of Commons that such targets do not exist. “I have not approved, seen or allowed targets for expulsions,” she said.

However, the daily newspaper The Guardian published a leaked memo on Friday showing that its ministry had indeed set such targets. The six-page text – which was also sent to Rudd’s cabinet – states that the Immigration Department had set a goal of ‘12,800 forced expulsions in 2017-2018 ‘and that it had’ surpassed its targets for voluntary return ‘.

Two weeks ago, May and Rudd had already received severe criticism. It turned out that in 2012 a large number of migrants from the Caribbean who had come to Britain as labourers between the 1940s and 1970s, the so-called ‘Windrush migrants’, had been wrongly expelled. May was Minister of Home Affairs in 2012.

Declaration in parliament

After all those revelations Rudd initially did not think about boarding. She declared in a series of tweets that she had never seen the leaked memo about expansion objectives. ‘I was not aware of specific targets for expulsions. I understand that I should have been, and I’m sorry I was not, “she said. She indicated that she would make a statement in parliament on Monday.

It did not come that far. Rudd offered her resignation on Sunday evening, and Prime Minister May accepted that. According to the Guardian sources, Rudd discovered new information during the preparation of her statement that convinced her to resign. In her letter of resignation Rudd expresses her regret for the ‘involuntary misleading of the House of Commons’.

? Rudd is already the fourth minister to step out of the Theresa May government. That Sunday evening declared it ‘very sorry’ to find that she had to see Rudd leave.

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