The US States Seek Alternatives to Postal Voting

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More and more governments in the United States are betting on alternatives to postal voting.


States such as Connecticut, Virginia and Pennsylvania are looking to set up more special ballot hand-in boxes, reports The New York Times. President Donald Trump has already made it clear that he is not happy about this.

In the US, the presidential election in November is expected to take place on an unprecedented scale by mail. Voters will then not have to go to a polling station during the corona crisis physically.

In the run-up to the elections, however, significant cuts are being made to the US postal service, which has led to unrest. Trump also complains that postal voting is very susceptible to fraud.

However, the president is also not interested in an alternative approach: voting by ‘dropbox’, a kind of unique letterbox where people can hand in their ballots.

Voters then do not have to worry about problems with the mail or contact with other voters who may be infected with the virus. The contents of those cans are delivered directly to the polling station.

Trump wondered via Twitter who will then get the ballots from those buses. “And what’s going to happen to them before they are processed?” He continued. “A fraudulent election? So bad for our country.” His campaign team went to court in Pennsylvania to stop the use of the drop boxes for the upcoming election.

The use of the extraordinary return buses, therefore, seems to be especially popular among administrators of the Democratic party, which is opposed to Trump.

For example, authorities in Democrat-controlled New Jersey announced that at least 105 additional drop boxes would be set up for the election. In Ohio, a Republican official said that there would be no more than one ballot drop-off point per county.

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