The US is Gradually Taking More Drastic Measures to Combat the Coronavirus

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The United States is gradually taking more drastic measures to combat the coronavirus. In California, for example, all 40 million inhabitants must stay at home to prevent the spread.


They can only leave the house for essentials. California Governor Gavin Newsom fears that otherwise the medical institutions in the state will be overburdened. But as our America correspondent Björn Soenens puts it, “Hospitals here are ill-prepared, and many Americans are ill or even uninsured.”

Although the measure that California implements is already in force with us, only if it is indispensable to leave the house, the American state is the first to go that far. VRT America correspondent Björn Soenens says that the states decide for themselves what to do:

“There is consultation between the federal government and the 50 states, but the states are taking the lead. There is a need for a national lockdown, but it is provisional not promulgated. The government does help with money, and with the intervention of the army if necessary. “

In America, nothing goes off your wages, and you look for a private insurer yourself, or your employer offers one. An average family in the US pays for decent health insurance $ 2,000 per month, with or without a sizeable personal contribution.

You are often not insured for dental or eye care in the basic package. So you usually have to pay it out of your pocket, in addition to your expensive insurance. “

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