The United States Has Officially Withdrawn From the World Health Organization

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The United States has officially withdrawn from the World Health Organization (WHO) in protest of the response to the corona outbreak.


President Donald Trump criticizes WHO for responding too late and informing the world too late about the dangers of the virus.

Trump, who announced the decision at the end of May, has informed parliament, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez announced. He is not pleased with the decision; this will not protect American lives or interests, he tweeted. “It leaves Americans sick and America alone.”

According to Trump, the WHO should have intervened much earlier, and the world should point out the danger of the corona outbreak. The outbreak, he said, would have been glossed over, and WHO would be under the control of the communist regime in China, where the coronavirus broke out late last year.

“The outbreak could have been contained at the source with very few deaths,” the president said earlier during a news conference, announcing that funding for the organization would be stopped. “So many deaths have been caused by their mistakes.”

Trump’s presidential election challenger in early November, Democrat Joe Biden, believes the US should be a member of the WHO.

If elected, on his first day as president he will rejoin his country to join the organization and “restore our leadership to the world stage,” he tweeted. “Americans are safer if America is involved in strengthening global health.”

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