The Tokyo Olympics Will Be Less Grand and Exuberant Than Usual Next Year

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The Tokyo Olympics will be less grand and exuberant than usual next year. To reduce the extra costs, the organization is working on a “stripped-down” version of the global sports event.


Safety for the athletes is paramount, emphasizes chairman Yasuhiro Yamashita of the Japanese Olympic Committee.

The former top judoka is also a board member of the organizing committee.

“The Games are normally beautiful and extravagant, as I experienced for myself,” says Yamashita, who won gold in the open class as a judoka in 1984 in Los Angeles and also has four world titles on his honours list.

“I don’t think these Games will pursue this. The first priority is safety and health.”

The Tokyo Games were supposed to start next week, on July 24. As a result of the corona crisis, Japan and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided in March to move the sporting event for a year.

Shifting the Games is estimated to cost the Japanese more than 5 billion dollars.

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