The British Government Has Lower House Vote

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The British government has Lower House vote on second Brexit Referendum. The British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday that her resignation statement, which she will again submit to the House of Commons, will this time ask parliamentarians to vote on the desirability of a second Brexit referendum.


“I acknowledge the genuine and strong feelings about this important issue at the Lower House,” May said at a press conference.

“The government will, therefore, include an obligation to vote on the need for a second referendum in the bill on the exit agreement.”

May herself is not in support of a new ballot box.

It could lead to “the nightmare of permanently polarised politics,”

 according to the Prime Minister, who voted on her agreement with the EU three times before.

The lower house refused the deal on each of those occasions.

A possible second referendum can only take place if the retirement agreement is adopted, May said.

Latest version deal public later this week
May said Tuesday that the latest version of her deal “solves many key issues”,

 but does not shape the future relationship with the EU definitively.

In the coming years, parliament can still tinker with the links with the bloc.

The bill will be made public later this week, but May has already announced that it will contain several concessions,

 such as the vote on a second referendum and an opportunity to remain in the European Customs Union.

The chance that the proposal will make it is considered small
Should the House of Commons again decide to cancel the resignation agreement,

 and if ‘no deal’ remains an unacceptable prospect for parliamentarians,

 then according to May, two options will remains: cancelling the Brexit and new elections.

May’s new bill will be put to the vote ahead next month.

Politicians from May’s own Conservative Party and Labor opposition consider the chance small that the proposal will succeed.

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