Tesla Wants To Spend Less And Scrutinizes ‘Literally Every Payment’

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Tesla Wants to spend less and scrutinizes ‘Literally every Payment.’ To save costs, Tesla founder Elon Musk will pay extra attention to the company’s expenses, both large and small.


Tesla raised 2.7 billion dollars earlier this month through a share issue,

 but if it continues to spend money at this rate, then that money will be gone within ten months,

 Musk writes in an email to his staff.

Therefore, from now on all expenses will be examined, “including parts, salary, travel costs, rent;

 every payment that leaves our bank account must be checked,” says Musk.

It is not the first time that Tesla is doing its best to spend less.

In April last year, Musk also stated that he “would go through all the issues worldwide”.

Also, the car manufacturer fired 9 percent of staff in June last year and another 7 percent of staff last January.

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