Spanish Protests After Rape Case

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Spanish Protests After Rape Case. Thousands of Spaniards have argued after a judge has condemned five men for rape. They were only found guilty of sexual abuse, reports Week News.


The five defendants have been sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment, but many think that this is too light a punishment. Sexual abuse is a less grave crime than rape in Spain. In case of abuse, there is no question of violence or intimidation.

The five men filmed how they sexually assaulted an eighteen-year-old woman in 2016 at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona. According to them, it was a matter of reciprocal group sex. The victim says fear paralysed her.

In addition to the nine-year prison, the men also have to pay 50,000 euros in damages. The public prosecutor’s office had demanded 20 years in prison.

The ruling leads to great outrage in Spain. Thousands of people came to the streets in different cities. The demonstrators shouted ‘I believe you’, ‘No is no’ and ‘It is not abuse, it is rape’.

In Spanish summers, many parties are structurally confronted with assaults, assaults or other offences. ‘It is a deep-rooted problem that arises from machismo’, says Laura Berro, who is responsible for equality in Pamplona. “It is not normal to touch a woman or call something against her. That is objectionable. “

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