Son of American Judge Shot Dead, Suspect Found Dead At Home

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In the American state of New Jersey, the 20-year-old son of a judge was shot on Sunday when he unlocked the front door of his parental home.


Judge Esther Salas may have been the target, but she was unharmed.

The suspect, a lawyer and advocate for men’s rights, was found dead in his home yesterday, the New Jersey federal attorney said.

The drama was set on Sunday in North Brunswick, 60 kilometres south of New York. A man dressed as a FedEx courier rang the doorbell. When son Daniel Anderl opened the door, he was shot immediately.

Mark Anderl, Salas’s 63-year-old husband, came to the sound and was also shot. He had to suffer emergency surgery, and his condition is stable.

51-year-old Salas himself was in the basement and was unharmed.

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