Some Volvo Models Get YouTube App

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Watching YouTube videos in the supermarket’s parking lot should soon be possible in some newer Volvo models.


Google announced this on its blog. It concerns the V90, XC40 Recharge and a few other models that support Android Automotive. They get entertainment apps such as YouTube that can play on the car’s built-in screen.

Important: this only works if the car is parked. The main idea seems to be to use the feature while you wait for the kids to get off the football or while your electric car is charging.

In addition, with these cars, you will be able to use Google Assistant to, for example, switch on the air conditioning of the car remotely (via the network). So a little preheating or cooling down while you are still on the way to the parking lot should be possible.

People with an Android phone could also use it as a car key. The assistant could also unlock or lock the car, and the status of the battery could be reported via an app. Similar features are coming to Polestar and General Motors cars.

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