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Russia: EU Fails to Keep Grain Deal Promises

Russia: EU Fails to Keep Grain Deal Promises

Russia believes that too little is being done to unblock Russian exports under the Black Sea grain deal and accuses the European Union of failing to keep its promises.

This was reported by the Russian news agency TASS based on statements by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Grushko.

The grain deal was concluded last year under the leadership of the United Nations and Turkey. Thanks to that agreement on exporting Ukrainian and Russian agricultural products through ports on the Black Sea, grain and other foodstuffs were exported again. The deal has also lowered prices for corn and wheat from previous peaks following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This prevented a global food crisis.

Typically, the Black Sea region accounts for more than a quarter of wheat and barley exports and about a fifth of corn shipments. In addition, most sunflower oil shipments also come from this region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said last year that Russia and the developing world had been “cheated” by the grain deal, promising to review terms to limit countries that can receive shipments. According to Putin, Ukrainian grain shipments should be prioritized by countries that need it most. Putin previously criticized that too much grain would go to Europe.

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