Russia Closes Border with China, Number of Coronavirus Infections Continues to Rising

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The Russian government will temporarily close the border with China. For the time being, visas will no longer be issued to the Chinese. That should prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


In the meantime, 7,711 official coronavirus infections have already been reported in China. In the meantime, many countries are preparing to remove fellow countrymen from the hardest-hit Chinese regions.

The decision was taken by the Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mizustin. The measure starts today. The 4,250-kilometre-long border with China will be closed and visas will no longer be issued to residents of the People’s Republic.

Some regions in eastern Russia had previously imposed restrictions on the border. The Central Asian republics of Kazakhstan and Mongolia and communist North Korea had already done so.

In the Italian port Civitavecchia near Rome, more than 6,000 people are now blocked on a cruise ship. A Chinese tourist from Macau would have fallen ill there. She is taken care of in her room with her partner, but as a precaution, the entire ship has been placed in quarantine.

However, it is not yet vibrant whether the woman is suffering from the coronavirus.

More and more airlines are suspending their flights to China. Today, Air France and KLM from the Netherlands have done that. Volkswagen will close its factories in China for at least another month.

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