Quiet in Brussels Airport Departure Hall After Flight Cancellation

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Monday morning it is quiet in the departure hall of Brussels Airport, where all flights have been cancelled due to a strike by the security personnel.


According to an airport spokesperson, most people are aware of the cancellations.

Dozens of people have come to the airport at the request of carriers so that they can be taken by bus to another airport. TUI Fly flights have been moved to smaller airports in Antwerp, Ostend or Liège. Some flights have been postponed to Tuesday.

On Monday, a total of 232 departing flights were cancelled at Brussels Airport. Three-quarters of inbound flights are cancelled. Cargo flights will continue, a spokesman said.

Demonstrations will also take place in Brussels on Monday for better wages because of the rapidly rising prices. According to public transport company De Lijn, 60 percent of the buses run in the Belgian capital, in Antwerp, this is about 50 percent.

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