Putin May Be in Power Longer Due to New Law

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Vladimir Putin may remain the president of Russia for longer: a new law must remove the current limit of two consecutive terms.


According to the current rules, the 67-year-old president cannot stand for re-election after 2024. There is a large majority in favour of the proposal.

The amendment was tabled by Putin’s party colleague Valentina Teresjovka, who gained national fame as the first woman in space.

“I propose to lift the limit, or to allow the president to stand for election just like anyone else as if he had not been president before,” she said according to local media. According to the latter scenario, he could stay in power again for two terms of six years each.

The plan was presented during a vote on the package of large-scale constitutional reforms, which was introduced in January.

According to critics, the plans are intended to expand the power of the president. Putin’s party United Russia supports the proposal and has more than three-quarters of the seats in the Russian parliament.

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