Prison Guards of Sex Predator Jeffrey Epstein in Court

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The two prison guards who may have played a role in the high-profile death of American sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in his cell are on trial in New York on Monday.


Tova Noel and Michael Thomas are said to have neglected to perform mandatory multimillionaire checks during the final hours of Epstein’s life.

Such inspections must prevent a detainee from getting his own hand.

The 66-year-old businessman, who was labelled a “ sex predator ” by American media, was found dead in custody in New York last August.

Immediately, speculation began: from suicide to murder by people who wanted to prevent the convicted sex offender from revealing any of his excesses. Epstein’s death instantly ended many of his victims’ desire to see him punished for sexual abuse.

Dozens of women claim to have fallen victim to the controversial businessman.

In a mini-series of streaming service Netflix, among other things, they tell what Epstein and his friends would have done to them. Celebrities used the Epstein network. This is how British Prince Andrew is linked to him.

Epstein was prosecuted for abusing girls in 2006-2008, but he eventually managed to make a very controversial deal with the judiciary. He was convicted for one case. His sentence ended in thirteen months of house arrest.

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