Prince Andrew Hits Back at Alleged Sexual Abuse Victim

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Prince Andrew (61) has again made himself heard in the abuse case against him. In an 11-page document that the prince’s lawyers have filed with the New York court, they accuse victim Virginia Giuffre, among other things, of “deliberately keeping her indictment against Queen Elizabeth’s son vague”.


In the legal memo, Andrew’s team describes the claim as “incomprehensible or at the very least ambiguous”. The prince’s lawyers substantiate this by stating that Giuffre has regularly changed her events in various media statements. They also say that “memories fade and false memories are created as a result”.

Prince Andrew is accused of sexually abusing American Virginia Giuffre. Queen Elizabeth’s second son had abused her some twenty years ago when she was a minor. Giuffre claims that she was recruited by, among others, the convicted and now deceased businessman Jeffrey Epstein, who was friends with the prince at the time.

In the new documents, Prince Andrew’s lawyers also state that Giuffre was 17 at the time of the alleged violations, which is the age of majority in New York. For that reason, according to the lawyers, she has yet to come up with evidence that she was forced to have sex with the prince against her will.

A hearing, in this case, will be held in New York on January 4. Meanwhile, Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged right-hand man of Epstein, is on trial for suspicion of, among other things, recruiting girls for sex with Epstein and his entourage. Andrew has been mentioned three times in court so far. But for now, the royal need not worry: his name has not (yet) been associated with criminal offences.

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