Prince Andrew Accuser Wants to Release Old Deal with Epstein

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The woman who accuses British Prince Andrew of sexual abuse is willing to show a settlement she made years ago with multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein.


However, the prince’s lawyer recently told a Manhattan judge that the 2009 deal probably makes it impossible to sue his client.

Virginia Giuffre took Queen Elizabeth’s son to court last August. She says Epstein let her have sex with the prince as a minor teenager, who denies it. The abuse allegedly took place at Epstein’s New York home, on his private island and at the London home of his confidant Ghislaine Maxwell. Epstein himself would also have assaulted Giuffre.

Giuffre had also sued Epstein years before she sued Andrew. That led to a confidential settlement in 2009 that Andrew’s counsel would like to see. He thinks Giuffre waived her right to sue the prince at the time. Her lawyer David Boies denies that and has no objection to the release of the documents.

Boies writes in a letter to the court that he has obtained permission from the trustees of the deceased Epstein’s estate to release the settlement. The judge still has to approve it. Boies said last week that, in his view, the settlement in no way relates to the lawsuit against Andrew but that the prince’s lawyers have the right to make their own judgment about it.

Epstein himself can no longer disclose the abuse. He was found dead in his cell in 2019 after being arrested on suspicion of widespread abuse of underage women. Authorities believe the businessman took his own life in captivity.

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