Plague Inc. is A Game, Not A Source of Information about Coronavirus

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, a 2012 game is suddenly back in the spotlight. In Plague Inc., the gamer must develop a virus and ensure that it spreads and adapts, and infects as many people as possible.


The makers now emphasise that it is a game, not a source of medical advice.

“The current coronavirus outbreak is a real situation that has consequences for many people. We recommend that gamers always get their information from health services, “Ndemic Creations says. Is played a lot again in recent days.

With every outbreak, we see an increase in the number of gamers. People want to know more about the spread of diseases and the difficulties of epidemics, “said Ndemic.

According to the makers, the game is “realistic and informative,” but it is and remains a game, “not a scientific model.” is not transparent.

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