Pfizer: No Data Yet on the Effectiveness of the Corona Vaccine

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Pharmaceutical Pfizer cannot yet say anything about the effectiveness of the corona vaccine that the company is developing.


An independent committee of scientists has not yet been able to carry out an interim analysis to determine whether the drug effects, the group reported in a quarterly update.

The interim analysis is only possible if at least 32 participants in a large-scale study of the vaccine have become infected with the new coronavirus.

CEO Albert Bourla recently stated in an open letter that Pfizer might request accelerated approval for the vaccine from the American FDA regulator at the end of November. That will only happen if the drug is considered safe and there is evidence that the vaccine is effective, he wrote.

Pfizer also had some encouraging news about the vaccine. Recruitment of participants in his so-called Phase 3 study of the corona vaccine is nearing completion.

More than 42,000 people now take part in clinical tests with the vaccine, while the American concern has set itself the goal of recruiting 44,000 participants. Pfizer reported in its quarterly update that 36,000 people had received a second dose of the drug, which is being developed together with Germany’s BioNTech.

Pfizer released the update along with its third-quarter figures. In it, revenues fell 4 percent to $ 12.1 billion. This was partly since, amid the corona pandemic, fewer Americans went to see doctors, so fewer drugs were prescribed. Also, the demand for medicines in China was lower due to the virus outbreak.

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