Optionante Donates $50,000 to Assist School in Africa

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A Pillar of Corporate Social Responsibility

For those who are in the world of online binary trading, they will know that one of the most influential brands is Optionante. It is a platform where investors trade in commodities, volatility indices, currencies, indices and others round the clock. However, Optionante is not just all about exploits in the financial world alone. This is because it has been able to carve its niche in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Spreading Hope All Over the Globe

Unlike some other brands in the financial sector that do not care about corporate social responsibility, Optionante is deeply concerned about humanitarian programs. It has taken very commendable steps towards investing in this area of endeavor. Even though Optionante is a binary trading company established in Europe in 2008, its effects are felt all over the world through not just its trading activities but also via its charity works.

Assisting Africa Confront its Challenges

In Africa, one of the biggest challenges that the various countries are facing has to do with the sector of education. It is a pitiable case all over the continent when it comes to education. Schools are dilapidated, students do not have enough educational materials and even teachers are not well-trained. Without a solid investment in the educational sector, there is no way many countries in Africa are going to make progress. The brains behind Optionante are also aware of this huge challenge facing Africa but unlike other brands, Optionante decided to take an active step instead of ignoring or lamenting.

Hefty Donation for African School

 It is in line with this great sense of corporate social responsibility that made Optionante donate $50,000 to a school in Africa. The directors at Optionante believe that actions will always speak louder than words and that what schools in Africa need are not more lamentation but a lot more action and assistance from anywhere they can get such. That is precisely true because words will not help and actions will always speak louder.

The $50,000 donation given to the African school by Optionante will assist the school in several ways. The first will be for the upgrade of the educational facilities in the school. These include classrooms, sporting halls, libraries, and other similar structures. Part of the donation will also help the school in the procurement of very vital materials like books, laboratory equipment, test kits and so on. These educational materials are very vital for the school and many schools in Africa are facing enormous challenges as they do not have these.

Working Towards a Better Future

Even though Optionante is established as a reliable venture in the world of binary trading, it is not ignoring the fact that it can still contribute to a better world in several ways – and this is to the delight of the various stakeholders too. They understand that by investing in and taking part in the activities of Optionante, they are not only doing good business and making profits, but they are also having a very positive impact on lives across the globe.

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