OneWeb May Resume Satellites Launches in October

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Now that satellite operator OneWeb is back on track, it looks like the company would launch a new batch of satellites for broadband internet in October.


OneWeb wants to build a constellation of hundreds to thousands of satellites for broadband internet.

It competes with the better known Starlink from SpaceX. The operator had already launched 74 satellites when the company appealed to Chapter 11 of U.S. bankruptcy law in March.

The financial rescue came from a joint venture between the British government and the Indian telecom giant Barthi Global: Bidco 100 Ltd.

For example, OneWeb has money again to purchase satellites from OneWeb Satellites, the joint venture that started in 2016 between OneWeb and satellite builder Airbus.

According to, OneWeb Satellites built two satellites a day at its Florida factory early this year.

Moreover, OneWeb can work on the already existing constellation again. According to reports, a series of artificial moons is still running too low a parking lane.

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