Number of 5G Connections will Grow Rapidly in the Coming Years

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At the end of this year, the number of connections to the fast mobile 5G network will be around 580 million worldwide. The Swedish manufacturer of network equipment Ericsson predicts this in an annual report.


However, that number will grow rapidly in the coming years because by 2026, there are already expected to be 3.5 billion 5G connections.

Those connections are most common in Northeast Asia, by which Ericsson means countries such as China, South Korea and Japan. 5G already has a market share of 9 percent there. In Western Europe, it is now 1 percent, in the United States and Canada 4 percent.

The latter area is likely to have the most significant 5G market in 2026. Then that technology will hold 84 percent of the market. In Western Europe, this will be 69 percent in five years.

With the ever faster connections, we will also use more and more data with our mobile phones. Smartphones account for 95 percent of all mobile data. On average, a mobile phone in Western Europe consumes 11 gigabytes of data every month. Streaming videos but also video calling resulted in the strongest increase in data consumption.

Ericsson expects that this data consumption will increase much further. In 2026, the Swedish company foresees that the average Western European user will use more than four times as much data: 47 gigabytes.

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