Nude Video of Son Hunter With Russian Prostitute Embarrassed President Biden

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A video of Hunter Biden naked in bed next to a Russian prostitute embarrassed US President Joe Biden on Thursday. In the unverified footage distributed by British tabloid The Daily Mail, Hunter Biden tells how a laptop with recordings showing him in “crazy” sexual escapades was stolen.


The scene in the leaked video clip – a total of 3 minutes and 40 seconds long – took place in January 2019. It shows Hunter Biden (51), who has a history of drug addiction, and the otherwise unknown woman lying naked in bed after sex. “They have the videos where I f**king weird […] sex […],” Biden is told. “When did that happen?” the woman asks. “Last summer,” Biden replies.

The man then tells how he was on vacation in Las Vegas in the summer of 2018, where he and his company “went from the penthouse to penthouse”. At the time of the theft of the laptop in question, he was said to have been unconscious, possibly “head down in the pool. So I sat there. That’s the last thing I remember. I never pass out, never,” said a somewhat confused Biden in the video. “So I wake up. And there was that 35-year-old Russian woman, a gorgeous brunette. She refused to leave. And they didn’t want to call an ambulance; they didn’t even know if I was dead or not at first.”

Biden reportedly didn’t realize his laptop was gone until the following day. “I think that one stole it. Those three, those three, it was a group: the dealer and those two guys. I’ve taken them everywhere. F**king everywhere. Crazy sh*t.”

Biden said the Russians might be behind the theft. “Why wouldn’t those images have surfaced long ago? Surely that would already come true?” asks the Russian prostitute. “No, because […] wants to be president.” He was probably referring to his father, who had already announced in the spring of 2018 that he would run for the presidency.

According to the Daily Mail, it is the third laptop that Hunter Biden lost. In April 2019, one fell into the hands of journalists at the New York Post through a repair shop. In February 2020, a second laptop belonging to the president’s son was seized by authorities during a search of the office of a well-known psychiatrist. Keith Ablow. The images leaked now are said to be from the laptop that Hunter Biden left at a repair shop in Delaware. However, it needs to be said that there is a lot of uncertainty about both stories, which were eagerly picked up by American tabloids and right-wing conservative media.

The stolen laptop that Biden is talking about has not yet surfaced. That may be bad news for the president and his son: the explicit images Hunter Biden is talking about maybe held back as blackmail material.

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