North Korean Mountain for Nuclear Tests Collapsed

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North Korean Mountain for Nuclear Tests Collapsed. The main nuclear test site of North Korea has partially collapsed due to the various explosions, according to a study by Chinese geologists. This may make new tests unsafe, reports CNN News.


The findings of the report put the promise of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to no longer use the site in a new light. He did so in the run-up to the summit between the two Koreas.

The test site is located in the mountainous region in northeastern North Korea. Since 2006, all six nuclear tests have been carried out in the country. They would have made the site unstable, writes The Guardian on the basis of the report.

An enormous amount of heat and energy is released during nuclear explosions. At the biggest test, in September of last year, eight and a half minutes after the test would have been a collapse.

According to Chinese scientists, the partial collapse of the mountain with the test tunnels may make the site unusable. The location is also vulnerable to radiation leaks.

Talks between the neighbouring countries start tonight. Then Kim Jong-un arrives at the House of Peace, just across the border in the demilitarised zone on the South Korean side.

Few observers believe that the North Korean regime will unilaterally abandon its nuclear weapons arsenal. Probably Kim Jong-un will promise not to carry out any tests anymore.

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