North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Receives an Award from Putin

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has received an award from Russia for his role in preserving the memory of Soviet soldiers who died in North Korea.


The Russian embassy in Pyongyang announced this on Tuesday.

The Ambassador of Russia presented the commemorative medal ’75 years of victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 ‘to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, according to a statement and photos published on the embassy’s Facebook page.

Kim Jong-un was not seen.

Kim was awarded the medal “for his great personal contribution to the commemoration of the dead and buried Soviet citizens in the territory of North Korea and for the safety of the graves and memorials of Soviet soldiers.”

Russian news agency TASS reported that 1375 Soviet soldiers were buried in North Korea.

The North Korean leader made his first public appearance on Saturday after a three-week absence. That gave rise to speculation about his health.

Kim first visited Russia in April 2019 to meet with President Vladimir Putin.

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