North Korea Stops Answering Inter-Korean Telephones

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According to South Koreans who call the dictatorship daily via the ‘inter-Korean communication lines’, North Korea no longer answers the phone.


This allows the two completely different Koreas to keep in touch. However, Yonhap news agency reports that calls from the South Korean liaison office and via military lines to North Korean colleagues will no longer be answered during Tuesday.

It seems that it is not a technical malfunction but North Korean anger. Kim Yo-jong, the sister of dictator Kim Jong-un, previously reacted furiously to the holding of joint military exercises by South Korea and the US. They are scheduled for August 16 to 26.

Kim said those manoeuvres spoil the good atmosphere that had just been created by reopening the lines of communication. That was two weeks ago after the lines had been closed for a year as a result of friction between the Stalinist-ruled north and the pro-Western south.

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