North Korea Fires 2 More Ballistic Missiles into Japanese Waters

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North Korea has fired two ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan. This is contrary to the resolutions of the United Nations because a nuclear warhead can also be mounted on ballistic missiles.


One ballistic missile was launched around 10:17 a.m. local time from the Sinpo area on North Korea’s east coast. That information comes from the South Korean military: “Our military is closely monitoring the situation and is standing by, working closely with the United States, preparing for possible additional launches,” the chiefs of staff said in a statement.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida says two ballistic missiles have been detected and calls it “deplorable” that North Korea has restarted a series of missile tests in recent weeks. Kishida is on an election campaign in northern Japan and is now returning to Tokyo to discuss the missile crisis. Parliamentary elections will be held in Japan on October 31.

Pyongyang has begun a series of tests of hypersonic cruise missiles, long-range missiles and anti-aircraft guns in recent weeks. Two ballistic missiles also landed in Japanese waters last month. According to the South Korean military, this time, a ballistic missile was fired by a submarine.

The ballistic missile launch comes just after US, and South Korean envoys met in Washington yesterday to discuss the nuclear stalemate with North Korea. Spy chiefs from the United States, South Korea and Japan are also expected to meet in Seoul today.

Negotiations between North Korea and the United States to end the nuclear program and lift international sanctions have been deadlocked since the failed summit between Kim Jong-un and former President Donald Trump in Vietnam in 2019. However, the US special envoy for North Korea yesterday called for new talks with North Korea.

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