New York State Governor: Trump Needs the Army to Visit New York

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New York State Governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, has threatened that President Trump will need an army to visit New York City.


“He can’t gather enough bodyguards to walk through New York, forget the bodyguards, and he’d better bring an army to walk the streets of New York.”

Trump is persona non grata in New York City, according to the governor. And the president knows that too, according to Cuomo, because according to him Trump will never return to New York.

Cuomo responded to a Twitter message from Trump about the violence and looting in cities he believes have become lawless at the hands of Democratic administrators.

“My government will do everything it can to prevent weak mayors and lawless cities from getting money from the federal government while anarchists ruin lives and business,” American media reported.

In New York, as in many cities, things have been very unrestrained since the death of a black suspect in Minneapolis on May 25 at the hands of an agent.

Partly due to the many protests, the discredited police often do not have enough people available to prevent looting and other crimes.

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