New Measures for South Korea After Strong Growth in Corona Infections

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New Measures for South Korea After Strong Growth in Corona Infections. The authorities in South Korea have again reported dozens of new corona infections.


The country appeared to have previously stopped the spread of the virus but is now forced to take new measures.

South Korea was among the first countries where the coronavirus appeared. The South Korean approach is often praised internationally.

The authorities were able to keep the number of infections relatively limited without large-scale lockdown by testing and conducting contact investigations. More than 11,000 corona cases have been identified so far.

However, the number of infections has increased rapidly in recent days. The authorities announced on Thursday that a further 89 people had been diagnosed with the virus.

That is the most massive increase since April 5. The virus mainly seems to take hold in and around the capital Seoul, where about half of the South Korean population lives.

The authorities are making frantic efforts to curb the outbreak. Parks, museums and other public locations in the urban area must be closed for two weeks from Friday.

“The next two weeks will be crucial,” Health Minister Park Neung-hoo said, according to news agency Yonhap. Cafés and night clubs are also called upon to close.

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