Most of the Websites Use CMS WordPress

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39.5 percent of websites worldwide are built on the free content management system (CMS) WordPress. This makes it by far the most widely used site management system.


The number of sites with WordPress increased by 4.1 percentage points last year. This is evident from figures from the research firm W3Techs.

Security experts warn that WordPress’s massive market share makes it a popular target for hackers. Outdated plugins, in particular, are a weak link. Last summer, WordPress added a feature that automatically updates plugins.

After WordPress, Shopify is the most used, a software package with which companies can quickly build a webshop. Shopify has experienced significant growth this year: 3.2 percent of the websites are now running on it, compared to only 1.9 percent on January 1 of this year.

This is probably because many companies had to switch to online sales due to corona measures.

In the most recent edition of the annual census, websites that do not use CMS are no longer the most extensive group for the first time: 38.4 percent of the sites are still adapted by hand. In the previous edition, this was 43.1 percent.

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