More Than 3 Billion Corona Vaccines Administered Worldwide

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More than 3 billion corona vaccines have been administered worldwide so far, AFP news agency reports based on its own count. The pace at which people are pricked is accelerating. The last billion shots were taken within a month.


Countries are trying to vaccinate as many people as possible quickly now that there are concerns about the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

This is more contagious than other mutations and has caused an increase in the number of infections in several countries so that previously lifted corona measures are reintroduced.

In rich countries, 79 doses have been administered per 100 inhabitants, AFP reports. However, that does not mean that 79 percent of the population of those countries has been vaccinated. Most corona vaccines consist of two doses for better protection.

In less prosperous countries, 1 in 100 inhabitants has had a shot. To ensure that people are also protected there, more and more countries are sharing vaccines.

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