More Passengers For Ryanair In 2018 Despite Strikes

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More Passengers for Ryanair in 2018 Despite Strikes. Ryanair transported more than 139 million passengers in 2018, an increase of 8 percent.


As a result, passenger growth in the Irish price fighter revealed the weakest expansion since 2015, partly as a result of the strikes of the staff.

In 2017 Ryanair saw the number of passengers grow by 10 percent and in 2016 this was 17 percent.

Ryanair experienced last year with a series of strikes of pilots and cabin crew for a better working scenario,

 including employees of society in the Netherlands.

In the figures for 2018, the acquired Austrian company Laudamotion has also been taken into account.

The airline decided last year to close the base at Eindhoven, but that did not go without a struggle.

The judge in the Netherlands ruled that the group was not permitted to force sixteen Dutch pilots to find another base, and the group also had to keep the pilots in service.

In December Ryanair decided to apply for a resignation from the UWV for these pilots.

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